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Today we are in an era of social business, and its traffic structure has changed. Through social marketing, every entrepreneur may have his own user group and be able to access low-cost and efficient traffic.

The three core acquisition methods of getting new customers:

Old customers recommend new customers. New user groups can be obtained through verbal recommendations from old customers or through chat software. This is the lowest cost and most efficient mode.

Find leader endorsements to influence fans. Promote (endorse) your brand or product by influencing or paying for collaborative opinion leaders. Because he has many fans, he can help you get recognition. Finding such a KOL depends on your product and brand coordination. For example, if you are a swimwear wholesaler, you can go to a professional wholesale forum, other platforms or fashion bloggers to promote.

Social self-media fission promotion. We can plan good marketing policies through explosive content, so that more fans can spread to promote. The value of KOC (opinion leaders and core user groups) individuals is becoming more and more profound.

In any case, in the social field, consumers have reached more than 500 million people, which is close to the number of e-commerce, and provides us with a broad flow of soil. In summary, no matter how the gameplay of social marketing changes, it is inseparable from the center of humanism, the core of sharing and interaction, and the fundamental quality of products.


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